On our site, our customers can currently pay by wire transfer. After placing the ordered product into the basket, the PAYMENT button will display the delivery and payment page. Once you have entered your data, you can also choose transfer payment or personal pick-up. Personal pick-up is only available in our shop in Budapest (1052 Bp., Károly körút 8.) during opening hours (Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00). In case of personal pick-up, you can choose either a credit card or cash payment.

Transfer Information:
For domestic transfer:
Bokréta Manufaktúra Kft.
Erste Bank: 11600006-00000000-67089943

In case of transfer from abroad:
Bokréta Manufaktúra Kft.
IBAN: HU06116000060000000081515323

Our products are sent to our customers by courier service. Detailed information on shipping costs is given in the table below. Orders over 200 Euros are shipped free of charge!
United Kingdom    14.00
Austria    9.50
Poland    13.00
Latvia    15.00
Belgium    12.50
Lithuania    14.00
Luxembourg    14.00
Bulgaria    14.00
Malta    24.00
Germany    11.50
Cyprus    29.00
Italy    13.50
Portugal    15.00
Czech Republic    10.00
Romania    8.50
Spain    15.00
Denmark    15.00
Sweden    15.00
Slovakia    6.50
Slovenia    10.00
Estonia    15.00
Finland    17.50
France    13.50
Greece    15.00
Netherlands    13.00
Croatia    8.50
Ireland    15.00

USA    31.00 (+ customs if required)
Canada    35.00 (+ customs if required)
Iceland    27.00 (+ customs if required)
Norway    27.00 (+ customs if required)
Russia    27.00 (+ customs if required)
Switzerland    22.00 (+ customs if required)
Iraq    38.00 (+ customs if required)
India    38.00 (+ customs if required)
Hong Kong    29.00 (+ customs if required)
China    27.00 (+ customs if required)
Serbia    28.00 (+ customs if required)
Japan    36.00 (+ customs if required)
Turkey    28.00 (+ customs if required)

Estimated delivery time for the products ordered:
Europe: 1-4 weeks *
America, Canada, Asia, Africa and Australia: 3-6 weeks *
(The delivery deadlines are only referential and refer to the expected maximum! Within the shortest possible time, we will prepare and send the package, unless shortages (will notify you in this case), delivery times may be shortened!)

If the order includes flowers with wire shank and decorations as well, they are mailed to you at the same time. We do not charge packing fee.

Our prices include VAT, gross prices. The prices and discounts in our webshop may differ from store prices and discounts. You can not use the Loyalty Card in the webshop, and the discounts on the card can not be activated, it is valid only in our shop on Astória.

An invoice is issued for each order based on the data provided by our customers. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of customer data.