What is a custom decoration order? Decoration for your home or as a unique gift

Our decorator colleagues are ready to create your individual ideas. By phone or online, we'll listen to your ideas, explain the possibilities and help you choose the right flowers.

Consider these aspects for your individual idea:

A. Want to decorate your home or give it as a gift?

There are many ways to decorate your home with Bokreta compositions:

  • A splendid decoration for the kitchen counter

  • A colourful table decoration for the living room

  • A cheerful door decoration for welcoming guests

  • A splash of colour in the bathroom

  • A decorative flower basket for the festive table

  • A special 3D picture for the hallway

  • What you see when you wake up is also important. Let it be a colourful floral arrangement!

B. Want to give a special gift?

A Bokreta composition is perfect for:

  • For weddings

  • For Christmas

  • For Easter

  • For Women's Day

  • Mother's Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • As a graduation bouquet

  • For Birthday

Do you want a wooden sign, a message?

A. What kind of base do you want the composition to have?

Choose your base according to our ready-made decorations on the website:

  • Ceramic pottery

  • Ceramic vase

  • Wicker basket

  • Wicker wreath

  • Wall picture frame

  • Round or long flower box

It is also important to check the sizes on our website!

B. Bring your own object into our shop, in which you would like to have the composition made. We've seen:

  • With a giant basket

  • Darts board

  • With logs picked in the forest

  • With a garden can

  • With lantern

  • Antique giant vase

Whatever the extraordinary idea, contact us and we'll help you figure out how.

What flowers and what colour harmony do you want?

We were often asked for advice on which flowers to include in the composition. We use these basis for selecting the colours and varieties for the decorations we put on our website:

  • Single colour - With our handmade ceramic flowers, you can even find several shades within a single colour, so you still get an exciting array of colours.

  • Multi-coloured - We recommend that our customers combine up to 2-3 colours in one decoration. White, for example, is a perfect match for most shades.

  • Colourful - If you want a colourful combination, then make it really colourful. It looks beautiful when you have all 10 of your colours in one composition

How many varieties of flowers do you use, what should you look out for when choosing?

  • If you want a smaller composition, it is enough to choose one or two types of flowers. If you want a larger one, you can use anything.

  • The number of flowers depends largely on the size of the base. We can help you with this during the consultation.

  • It is worth choosing more than one sizes of flowers, especially for larger compositions, as this will make the arrangement more exciting.

A prominent bluebell, or a small figurine such as a ladybird or a mouse can add a special charm to the arrangement.

Sarah, for example, had the following idea:

1. Base

Sarah: I want a traditional decoration, so I would like to have it made in the grey vase I saw on your website.

2. Colours

Sarah: I would like to put together a bouquet for the kitchen counter. Grey and white are the domanatnt colours in our kitchen.
I would like the composition to brighten up the kitchen a bit, to attract the eye.

So I definitely thought about a red bouquet and mix it with white.

3. Form

Sarah: I want a bouquet of poppies, with a variety of other flowers, but poppies should dominate. And I'd like a little ladybug in it.

4. Size

Sarah: I would like to recreate the atmosphere of a meadow, especially if I have chosen poppies, so I will choose smaller and bigger ones as well.

And here's Sarah's arrangement:

Important information for custom orders:

  • Home delivery or personal pick-up in our Budapest store are both possible

  • Delivery times may vary, as a longer negotiation process is possible. Please take this into account and contact us as soon as possible.

  • In any case, we will send you a picture of the finished product, or the current stage.

  • We charge a 15% surcharge for custom orders.

  • You can place a custom order
    by e-mail: info@bokretakeramia.hu
    by phone: +36 1 782 1930
    Facebook message: www.facebook.com/bokretakeramia
    in person at 1052 Budapest, Károly körút 8.

    or place your order through the form below:

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