Probably there aren’t many who wouldn’t wait the strawberry season. Between green leaves, tiny white flowers indicate that the harvest may start soon. While the fruit is not yet ripe, we can put some ceramic Strawberries next to it, which is certainly avoided by the flamboyant inhabitants of the garden. Our Strawberry is well suited for indoor plants or stacked in a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. Click here for more ideas!



  • height ~ 44-56 mm
  • wire shank: ~ 20 cm hanging wire

After molding, the raw flowers are dried and then burnt twice at high temperatures, which makes it suitable for outdoor placement. Through our work processes, our ceramics are color preservatives, sunshine and freeze resistant, thus keeping their beauty for a long time. We produce our products individually, by hand, so there may be differences in form, color and size.

The price applies to 1 strawberry with hanging wire.