One of our most popular products is the Flower Box. Its appearance gives a solemn atmosphere, so it is both a stylish and practical solution for those who want to choose a decoration for a gift. Because it does not contain live parts, we can admire its beauty for a long time.

The Flower Box contains:

  • Decor Poppy (2), Little Lily (5), Daffodil (1)
  • Little Daffodil (1), Mallow (2), Ladybug (1)
  • synthetic green, dry crops, lichen, ribbon
  • box (diameter: 20 cm)

Through our work processes, our ceramics are color preservatives, thus keeping their beauty for a long time. Our ceramics and our decorations are individually prepared by hand from the available green plants and crops, so there are minor variations in form, color, size and content.

The price is for 1 Flower Box.