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About Us


Bokréta Manufaktura Kft. is a family business, with its roots from 25 years before. At first we were making household objects mainly for the kitchen, and ornaments. I’ve been passionate about flowers since my childhood, it is no wonder the idea of Bokreta has born.

Our flower are a bit different, than the flowers of the meadow, they are ceramic. The various, colourful, and diverse blooms bring alive the green plants in the shade, enchant your house and garden into an intimate home.

It took enduring and patient work to find the correct shapes, colours and patterns. The creation of the hand-made flowers is a special experience, as every piece is a bit different and unique.

All of our products are hand-made. A green, dyed wire holds the head of the flowers, which can be bended and cut off till the desired length. Our ceramics are cold-resistant, and can be kept inside or outside of the house as decorations.

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